portraying the complexity of liberty’s lure

Our concept of freedom is often an illusion. We expect rights without responsibility, peace with no price, and comfort without constraints. But freedom requires as much as it guarantees, and we must carry its burdens to reap its benefits.

The works in this series comment on this empirical tension. Color combinations give a light and airy quality, contrasted by scratched surfaces that reflect the strain of freedom's requirements.

POND (ode to Van Gogh) 2004 acrylic on canvas 30x24 POND
RAGE 2004 acrylic on canvas 30x40 RAGE
HEAVENS 2004 acrylic on canvas 30x40 HEAVENS
PLAID (ode to Richter) 2004 acrylic on canvas 36x48 PLAID
WHIRLWIND 2004 acrylic on canvas 36x60 WHIRLWIND
AMUSEMENT 2004 acrylic on canvas 36x48 AMUSEMENT
ROOTS 2005 acrylic, glue on canvas 40x30 ROOTS
DETENTION 2005 acrylic on canvas 40x30 each (diptych) DETENTION
WIND 2005 acrylic on canvas 60x48 WIND
OBSTRUCTION 2006 acrylic on canvas 20x20 OBSTRUCTION
HARVEST 2007 acrylic on canvas 30x40 HARVEST
CLARITY 2008 acrylic, oil on canvas 48x24 each (diptych) CLARITY