2007-2009 Venice Gallery

The exposure brought by the gallery system was advantageous, but Caprell disliked being absent from the selling process. Self-representation seemed the best way for Caprell to maintain a personal relationship with his collectors. It was time to open his own gallery. He moved back to Los Angeles, home to many of his clients, and in December of 2007 the James Caprell Gallery opened on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California.

His first solo exhibition FromForm, took Caprell’s use of color placement to a new level. He followed this with his Trewth exhibition in March of 2008, featuring a much darker series than any of his previous. His Lifeblood exhibition opened six months later, building upon these deeper concepts. Later, in January, he introduced his part-to-whole Mosaics. This marked his most prolific period of painting to date, as he created and exhibited sixty paintings in eighteen months.

The final show at the gallery, End of the Beginning, opened in May of 2009 and exhibited a compilation of work from all of his previous series, evidencing a decade of artistic progression.