Born the only child to Armenian immigrants, James Caprell grew up in Chicago where he began drawing very young. He pursued art courses throughout his formative years, but started painting when a university professor encouraged him to trade his charcoal for a paintbrush. Though he found great satisfaction in his work on canvas, Caprell’s traditional upbringing influenced him to pursue a more lucrative career and he began his professional life as an investment banker. Caprell experienced great success and great sadness on Wall Street, longing to impact society in a more meaningful way.

In response to this, Caprell left finance to pursue art full-time. He dedicating four years to his self-education as a painter, living bi-coastally, but was unable to break free from the vacant and selfish perspective he had nurtured in New York. It was a near-death surfing accident in the Pacific that finally freed Caprell from his self-centered mindset, and he began sharing his work with the public. Emboldened by his faith, and inspired to a fuller purpose, he paints to contrast the harsh realities of this world with the beauty and hope available to all.

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1998 - 2000 New York


2001 - 2003 Los Angeles


2004 Venice Studio



2005 Manhattan Studio


2006 Harlem Studio


2007 - 2009 Venice Gallery



2010 Asia


2011 Los Angeles Studio


2012 Venice Collaboration